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Cena x Orton

The Only Fandom In WWE That Accidentally Ships Itself On Purpose

CENA x ORTON - So Obvious, It Hurts
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John Cena and Randy Orton

Hello and welcome to cenaortonmylove.
A community dedicated to the slash (and sadly, fictional) pairing of WWE Superstars John Cena and Randy Orton.
Quick warning to people: this is a SLASH community. If you are offended by slash for any reason, please turn back now! If you are interested, then we hope you join the community and have fun.
Please read the rules of the community before joining.

[This community is in no way affiliated with John Cena, Randy Orton or the WWE.]

Community Rules
NOTE: Because of a recent problem with a member who absolutely refused to follow rules and broke them left and right, we have regrettably needed to start moderating membership. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read these rules CAREFULLY and UNDERSTAND THEM. They're here for a reason. All new membership applicants will be FAIRLY deliberated on by the mods. We have simple criteria that, for the time being, we will NOT be sharing, but rest assured, we will be as fair as possible. Thank you very much for your understanding.

1. NO EMPTY/NO-SUBSTANCE JOURNALS. We will automatically reject applicants whose journals were obviously created for the sole purpose of joining our community. While we appreciate that many people want to join the community, this is done to protect our comm and its existing members. (List of rejected applicants and reasons for rejection can be found here.)

2. All forms of visual media are accepted here (fanfiction, fanart, icons, wallpapers, videos, pictures, news etc).

3. All posts of fiction must have a rating using the fiction rating system (K, K+, T, M, MA). For a guide to these ratings, go [here]. All posts rated M or higher MUST be f-locked. No exceptions!

4. All posts, including fics, and those with visual media must be under an LJ-cut (learn how to do a lj-cut [here]. Any NSFW pics must be under a cut and labelled please. Graphics may have a teaser of up to three icons before the cut. Icon posts with three or less icons do not have to follow this rule.

5. Fanfics and videos must have a summary (Title, rating, genre, warnings, etc.) before the lj-cut.

6. Flaming and disrespecting of other members and their works/posts is not allowed! No exceptions! Constructive criticism is perfectly okay.

7. Please remember to tag posts accordingly. It helps keep things organised. Mods are the only ones allow to make tags. To request an author tag, please go [here]. Read about our community tagging rules [here].

8. Members who are found to be constantly breaking the rules and ignoring reminders WILL be banned. Second chances are given to plead cases to the mods, but know that we are NO LONGER hesitating to ban members who cause trouble.